I’m a novice web dev tipping his toes in the dark, colorful space that is the Internet.

I like to learn a lot of stuff (often broadly related to math, physics, computer science, keyboards, hardware in general, psychology, comedy or movies [somewhat in order]) while still fullfilling my day job.

If you want to know what I’m up to at the moment just head over to the now page.

the design

Is currently heavily inspired by Ana Rodrigues and Andy Friesen and my love for dotted notebooks (Yay, Leuchtturm1917).

the font

The font used is called Atkinson Hyperlegible (here goes some backstory about the font and why I chose it).


I rely on the community and have used and been inspired by a lot of different things for this page. If you want to know how certain explicit features are made just go to the theme repository.

But nonetheless. Although this list can never be complete, because I’ll always be inspired by things I see without even knowing it, I try to be as thourough as possible. I’m sorry if I should miss anyone and will add them as soon as I know about it.