Hello World! 👋

🇩🇪 Hallo Welt! 👋

Maybe I’ll stick to it this time. After about 1,5 years now I’m once again trying to start a blog. At least the times between the abandoning of one blog and the kick-off of a new one are getting smaller.

The plan

For now I didn’t really manage to keep a blog alive. That’s mainly traceable back to my discipline - or more precisely the lack of it. So this time I’m planning on writing at least one post per month. I hope to get a habit created that way. If that works I can still gradually increase the amount of posts.

What to expect?

I honestly don’t know yet. I’m currently just doing this for the sake of writing and to hopefully kick off some conversations with different people. So I’m just gonna dedicate the current month to whatever topic I find most interesting and see where the journey takes me.

See you

That was it already for this time. I hope to see you around some time. Until the next post it should be less than 31 days and if I don’t manage to do that you can always remind me of my failure on social media 😀.

>banter - Dezember 2020